This Mom Made A Joke On TikTok About Her Babies Ingesting Purple Sharpies And People Started Panicking

It wasn’t just moms online that became alarmed by Christel’s post…people without children were upset too, thinking she had let her children eat Sharpies on her watch.

It’s easy to see why people freaked out, given the fact that she said they ate them.

Users on TikTok reported her to Child Protective Services and slammed her for being a terrible mom.

Well, Christel’s kids did not eat purple Sharpies, and this is the reason why their mouths ended up being one insane color.

TikTok; pictured above is a video still of her daughter crying

If a baby comes down with oral thrush, a medication used to clear it up ends up making the insides of the baby’s mouth turn this crazy color.

Christel did end up clarifying, commenting on her video, “Before anyone freaks out, they both got thrush when they were babies and the purple is actually a medication to get rid of it!!”

The backlash she received didn’t stop there, and she ended up making a few other videos explaining that she is not doing anything wrong with her children.

TikTok; pictured above Christel addresses the backlash

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