10 Years Ago This Bright Young Woman Was Found Inside 2 Duffel Bags In The Woods And Her Murder Is Still Not Solved

Mustang, Oklahoma. Carina Saunders was a 19-year-old living in Mustang, Oklahoma. She lived with her parents and her 8 siblings.

She had beautiful, long hair and piercing bluish-green eyes.

Her family explained in her obituary that they selected her name, which means “dear little one,” because they felt it was such a perfect fit after she was born.

“Even the hospital nurses said she was the most beautiful baby. She grew to be a sweet, calm, and loving child,” they went on to say about her.

Carina flourished in school. She easily made friends and her family says she was very bright. She won a statewide award for accounting when she hit high school.

She loved to sing. She was in the honors choir. She pursued opera singing lessons and aspired to be an opera singer when she grew up.

She was beautiful. She was smart. She was talented. She was funny.

Carina was so academically gifted, she was able to graduate from Mustang High an entire year early.

Facebook; Carina smiles in the photo above

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