10 Years Ago This Bright Young Woman Was Found Inside 2 Duffel Bags In The Woods And Her Murder Is Still Not Solved

It was then that Carina’s future stopped looking so promising…

Unfortunately, Carina lost her way in the year following her graduation from high school. She started abusing different substances.

She stopped coming home regularly. She started hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Carina’s family would keep tabs on her through Facebook since she wasn’t coming around much and they had no other way of contacting her, as she did not own a phone.

Carina didn’t want to struggle the way that she did. She wanted to get clean. She wanted to fix her life.

So, she went to rehab. On September 18th, 2011, Carina completed her treatment. When she came out, her family thought she was thriving and it had been a long time since they saw her doing so well.

Just ten days after she left rehab, she posted the very last thing she would ever share on Facebook before her life was brutally taken.

Facebook; Carina snaps a selfie, above

Carina asked what everyone was doing that night, but not a lot of people replied to her post with plans.

In the days that followed her final post, her family started to get worried. They couldn’t get a hold of her online. They had no idea where she was. She hadn’t shared any more updates.

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