A Terrible Headache And Numbness In Her Arm Turned Out To Be A Heart Attack: Now Her Sister Has Organized A Heartfelt GoFundMe For Her As She Recovers

“She’s made her health a priority and has worked so hard to fight for those that she loves, especially her children. I have no doubt that the love she has for her family and friends is what is helping her fight and stay so strong throughout her toughest battle yet,” Lindsey said.

Miraculously, Lynn was taken off of the ventilator on October 30th. Still, she is facing a wide range of long-term health problems.

Lynn is fighting renal failure, kidney failure, a critically low blood count, depleted bone marrow, two heart attacks, a stroke, heart damage, and heart failure.

There is undoubtedly a difficult road ahead for Lynn, so Lindsey created this GoFundMe to help offset some of the financial burdens.

“My hope is that Shannon will not have to worry about money over the next few months and can take all the time she needs to heal, get stronger and get back to doing all the things she loves,” Lindsey wrote.

The GoFundMe has a goal of ten thousand dollars. So far, the community has contributed just over four-thousand dollars.

Shannon continues to post updates on Lynn’s recovery every couple of days. If you would like to follow Lynn’s journey, or contribute to her cause, visit this link.

“If you have the means to donate, anything will help. Thank you so much,” Lindsey said.

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