Her Boyfriend Killed Her In An Arkansas Motel 30 Years Ago And Even Though Her Relatives Have Been Found They Have No Idea Who She Actually Is

This motel was well known for the illicit things that went on there, and it had a bad reputation. Women slept with men for money in the dingy rooms, and drugs were dealt right out of there too.

She was there to see James McAlphin, her ex-boyfriend, but she had moved on after their split and was seeing a new man.

She also no longer lived with him and was reportedly terrified of him and his abusive ways, but he had said he would give her money if she came to see him. So, she did.

Witnesses recalled watching the couple fighting in the parking lot. It quickly escalated and turned pretty physical.

Eventually, she ended up in room number 121 with James. Even though the two were full-on fighting, a man who lived a few doors down decided now would be a good time to ask James to give back some cassette tapes he had lent him, so he went over to the room.

She said “You need to talk to him,” asking this man for help, but he didn’t do anything to intervene.

After he returned to his room, she tried to leave at one point, but James hit her and pulled her back inside.

Gunshots rang out, and the police quickly arrived on the scene not long after.

El Dorado Police Department; the El Dorado Jane Doe is pictured above with James

She was found with a gunshot wound to her head inside of room 121, and everyone at the motel who had witnessed her fighting with James did not doubt in their minds he had murdered her.

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