She Was Found Dismembered Then Dumped Along Several Roads And Hotel Surveillance Footage Showed Who Was With Her In Her Final Hours

She knew something bad had happened to her because Sydney would never do that to her beloved cat. If she was going somewhere, she would have arranged to have her taken care of.

Susie contacted the police, and they started looking into what could have happened to Sydney. They were able to determine the last place her cellphone was active was in a city called Wilbur.

They also pieced together that Sydney had been heading out for a date she met on Tinder, the night before she failed to show up to work.

Sydney wasn’t secretive about her online dating life. In fact, she had told several of her closest friends exactly who she was meeting up with.

She had even given one of her friends this person’s phone number.

Snapchat; Sydney sent the above photo, with the caption “Ready for my date” right before she disappeared

Sydney was supposed to go on a date with another young woman named Audrey, and the police not only had her phone number, but they also had photos of her too.

Unfortunately, Audrey’s number was a dead end. It was fake, and it was not connected to a real phone…just an app.

Despite something that seemed to be a big setback, it didn’t the police long to figure out what Audrey’s real phone number was.

When the police spoke to Audrey, she was not forthcoming and tried to avoid giving them any personal information about herself.

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