A New Study Found That Microdosing Psychedelics May Decrease Your Levels Of Depression And Anxiety

Much like cannabis was in the past, psychedelics are not openly accepted as a way to treat medical conditions. Still, this study shines a light on the true medical benefits of micro-dosing rather than just “getting high.”

The majority of participants with mental health conditions underscored that health and wellness were their most significant motives for microdosing.

However, participants without mental health conditions still had positive motivations, too; they reported the promotion of mindfulness as their primary reason for microdosing.

Despite these findings, the study admits that “popular use of microdosing to address mental health concerns and enhance well-being has outpaced research on the risks and benefits.”

So, the authors believe that further studies must be conducted in order to “better determine the impact of microdosing on cognition, mood, and well-being.”

If you would like to read the complete scientific study, visit the report here.

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