As She Was Sitting Next To Her Date, He Accidentally Sent Her A Text With The Meanest Comment Possible

Here’s Kersten; young, attractive, friendly smile, and pretty eyes, waiting for her blind date to pick her up.

She’d never met Seth in person, but hopes were high. She green screens her conversation under her lip-syncing in a TikTok clip.

Waiting by the window, she sees his car, then his text, “I think I’m here.”

She quickly responds, “First house on the right! Yes, I see you!”

“So I’m at the right place,” he fumbles.

“Yes,” again enthusiastic, Kersten replies.

Another text. Kersten looks at her phone. He sent another text, “headed that way she’s bigger than I thought but holy_ _ _ _ her family is loaded.”

TikTok; pictured above is Kersten

But, poor Kersten was sitting there, next to him.

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