She Became The Very First COVID-19 Patient To Receive A Double-Lung Transplant In The United States And She’s Still Working Towards Her Recovery

Nevertheless, Mayra graciously donated her lungs to medical research. She hopes that her lungs will help scientists learn more about the virus to save other patients’ lives.

Since the surgery, Mayra has been able to breathe on her own. She is so thankful for this second chance.

“First and foremost, we are all very grateful to the donor and donor family, who– at the most difficult of times– found it in their heart to offer the gift of functioning lungs and life to Mayra,” Kate wrote, “We’re also very grateful to her medical team, which consisted of dozens of dedicated physicians, surgeons, and nurses who will not give up on her.”

Despite Mayra’s miracle lung transplant, she still has a very long road to recovery ahead. It will consist of more medical strains as well as unbearable financial tolls.

So, Kate asks the community to share her story and donate if possible.

“Mayra deserves to live life as she had prior to her fight with COVID-19. We hope someday soon, Mayra will be strong enough to tell her story and to express her gratitude to everybody who stood beside her in her fight,” Kate added.

The GoFundMe has a goal of one hundred thousand dollars, and the community has donated just over seventy-seven thousand dollars.

People from around the country are spreading Mayra’s story, inspired by her willpower and hope.

“Your strength and resolve are inspiring! Cheering you and your family on and sending many positive vibes your way daily. My family continues to keep you in our thoughts!” commented David Carter, who donated one hundred dollars.

“Mayra needs our help. Praying for her full recovery from infection and well-being. Peace to you, Myra!” commented Mark Peecher, who also donated one hundred dollars.

If you would like to donate or keep up with Mayra’s road to recovery, please visit the GoFundMe link here.

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