She Was Absolutely Positive That Her Fiancé Was Cheating On Her After He Started Doing One Thing Differently

DiyBreakUp is a massively popular Tik Tok account that shares messy dating stories, asks for advice in video comments, and gives women a platform to share the ways they’ve been lied to and gaslit.

One of DiyBreakUp’s threads featured a woman whose fiancé came home one day and “felt like a stranger.”

She shared in her video that “the moment I should’ve known my ex-fiancé was cheating on me was the moment he started kissing differently.”

When she confronted him about it, he said she was nitpicking and trying to start a fight. As it turns out, this was a classic gaslighting tactic and made her feel paranoid instead of justified in her suspicions.

Still, she concluded that a person doesn’t pick up a new kissing style unless they’re messing around on the side.

She made a follow-up video highlighting the sad humor of the whole situation. Using the audio from the Netflix series Squid Games, it says “red light” with the caption, “having doubts about your fianceé.”

Then, “green light,” captioned, “finding out he has a double life … calling off your wedding.”

When she told her friends that she’d canceled the wedding, they had a range of responses, which she highlighted in a funny video.

TikTok; pictured above is this woman in her first video explaining how she knew her fiancé was cheating

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