This Tall Teen Broke Two Guinness World Records And Is Empowering Tall Women Everywhere

“I just wanted to say that you are not too tall to wear heels. Any girl at any height can wear heels. It does not matter!” Maci said.

“I am six-ten, and I own four pairs of heels. My tallest pair of heels is four inches, which makes me seven-two. I know that is freaking tall, but I rock them,” Maci continued.

“Also, if you have a boyfriend and he does not like the idea of you being taller than him, then you better drop him and get someone who appreciates you. That is all!” Maci finished.

Followers everywhere thanked Maci for her transparency and inspiring attitude.

“Thank you, I needed this!” commented one user.

“YOU GO, GIRL!” added another user.

To learn more about Maci’s story, visit her TikTok account here.

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