This Popular TikTok Therapist Revealed One Important Way To Determine If Your Relationship Will Fail Or Work Out

You may have heard the term “bidding” regarding emotional connections between you and your partner frequently on social media. Recently, there has been a lot of attention on this term and how it affects most relationships.

An emotional bid can be verbal or nonverbal behaviors. For example, we may be searching for attention while being vague in conversations with our spouses.

Verbal bids include how you say things that involve observations or sharing of interest. A nonverbal bid includes facial expressions or gestures.

Whether your partner provides you with either form of these particular bids, how you respond is extremely important and goes a long way.

A TikToker, @your_pocket_therapist, is a psychotherapist who discusses mental health, trauma, and relationships through short clips on her page to 175,000 followers.

She provides education and insight on everything from emotionally immature parents, depression, rejection, obsession, etc.

The video that drove us to highlight her account includes her take on bidding in relationships for attention.

She starts her video off by explaining that an experiment showed how couples respond to bidding within their relationship will determine the timeline of how long they will stay together.

TikTok; pictured above is @your_pocket_therapist

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