A Florida Mom Avoided After-School Childcare Costs During The 90s By Sending Her Children To Universal Studios, And The Ingenious Hack May Still Be Worth It Today

Everyone knows that the cost of after-school childcare is outrageous. And according to a 2021 Cost of Care Survey conducted by, the national average cost is two hundred and forty-four dollars per week.

That adds up to nearly one thousand dollars in extra expenses that families across the U.S. have to dish out every single month.

So, one Florida mom got creative and decided to cut costs while also providing her children with a darn good time.

Liv Vasquez, a chef, and TikTok influencer, recently shared how her mom avoided after-school care costs by sending her and her brother to Universal Studios in the 90s.

“My mom realized that it would be cheaper to get an annual pass to Universal Studios for two kids than it was to put us in an after-school program,” Liv said.

“So, me and my brother would take the bus after school to Universal Studios every day because our school bus dropped us off literally right in front of the studios,” she continued.

And the pair of siblings had a fantastic time. In fact, they would go on the Nickelodeon studio tour every single day.

Plus, Liv’s brother even applied to be on the classic Legends Of The Hidden Temple Nickelodeon show.

TikTok; pictured above is Liv’s pass

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