All-Women Rowing Team Breaks Guinness World Record After Rowing Across The Pacific Ocean In Under 35 Days

This past Tuesday, an all-women rowing team known as Lat 35 Racing made history after rowing across the Pacific ocean.

Adrienne Smith, Brook Downes, Sophia Denison-Johnston, and Libby Costello started their ambitious journey in San Francisco, California, last month.

Then, on July 26, the group of four finally reached Honolulu, Hawaii, after traveling for thirty-four days, fourteen hours, and eleven minutes.

The women made the two thousand and four hundred nautical mile trek possible by rowing in two-hour shifts and only getting about ninety minutes of sleep every single day.

And once the group arrived in Honolulu, they were met with roaring fans who had followed along with their journey on Instagram.

The Lat 35 Racing Instagram account also shared a celebratory post describing the trials and triumphs of the Guinness World Record-breaking accomplishment.

“The largest, deepest ocean in the world has tested them, and no doubt taught them many lessons which we will hopefully get to hear about one day. But right now, it is time for them to relax, eat, and give their families the low-down on what it was really like out there!” the post began.

“We will keep you updated as to how these remarkable women are adjusting to land. But, just for now, we will be giving them a little break and a little privacy so they can enjoy their moment,” Lat 35 Racing continued.

Instagram; pictured above are some of the women on the rowing team

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