Bra Expert Reveals How Long The Expensive Garments Actually Last, And It’s Far Shorter Than You Probably Think

Everyone has “that bra” in their drawer– the one you have held onto since college, high school, or even before that.

But have you ever wondered how long bras really last?

Well, bra expert Nicola Cook from the garment company Bras & Honey recently shared the little-known fact on TikTok. And it is actually beyond shocking.

“Do you know how long your bra should last? Is it three months, six months, twelve months?” Nicole quizzed her followers.

Then, she revealed the true life-span of a bra– just thirty days.

“That is if you have only got one bra in your drawer and you are wearing it every day,” Nicole clarified.

Still, the TikTok community was stunned. Her video reached nearly eight hundred thousand viewers, gained sixty-four thousand likes, and women from around the globe voiced their opinions on the longevity of bras.

“What?! NOOO!! That is the worst because women need them, and good ones are so expensive!” commented one user.

TikTok; pictured above is Nicola in her video

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