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Her Mom Randomly Decided To Get Married On The Same Day As Her Wedding, And Now She Wants To Charge The Family Members Who Chose To Attend Her Mom’s Ceremony Over Hers $70

Apparently, word spread about the wedding to the woman’s mother. Then, she received a call from her cousin with some terrible news.

“My cousin wanted to warn me that– for whatever twisted reason– my mother had decided to get married to her fiancé of a couple of years on the exact same date as me,” the woman recalled.

She knew that the double-booked date was going to present a problem from the start. But, the woman did not receive her first call until only a week before her wedding.

It was from an aunt who claimed she would be unable to attend due to a “family matter” that came up.

Immediately after getting the call, the woman decided to take a stand and let her other family members know that she would not tolerate last-minute cancellations. So, she sent out a mass email and detailed her expectations.

“I explained that anyone else who cancels last minute who already RSVP’d would be charged seventy dollars due to the catering and venue fees that would be wasted on them not being present,” the woman said.

Her family knew that she already had their credit card information since they all got hotel rooms.

The threat was more of a warning than something the woman really planned to act on. She just wanted everyone to understand that she knew what was really going on and was furious about it.

But, following the email blast, the woman had to spend two days putting out fires with her family members.

They claimed it was “absolutely ridiculous” to force them to pick her or her mother’s side. But, the woman reiterated that her wedding was planned eight months in advance and that it is only common courtesy to attend the event you initially RSVP to.

Regardless of her efforts, though, the woman’s entire side of the family did not show up aside from the cousin who warned her about the ordeal. Now, she is on her honeymoon in France and is completely torn up about what to do.

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