She Shared A Video Washing Her Kale In A Washing Machine And TikTok Has Questions

An 11-second video has gone viral on TikTok with 576.5K views, 18.4K likes, and over a thousand comments. 

However, the content of the video could raise tons of debate, and so far, the majority of the TikTok community is horrified by it. So, what is the content that seems so controversial? 

In the video, the audience could see TikToker ashleyechols777 put her green vegetables into a washing machine before turning it on to a 55-minute delicate cycle, followed by a big grin after the machine started spinning. At the end of the camera, she showed an entire load of freshly-cleaned green veggies. 

“Wash your greens,” was what Ashley wrote at the top of that video.

Her comments were filled with horrified TikTokers.

“Think about all the dirty clothes in there,” a popular comment wrote.

“Y’all don’t do this. The greens could damage the machine. Also, you could be transferring bacteria to your product,” TikToker Shanecka Williams commented.

Ashley then made another 59-second video explaining how and why she developed this “life hack” and decided to wash her vegetables in a machine.

TikTok; pictured above is Ashley’s kale in the washing machine

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