This Dad Cancelled His Daughter’s Flight To See Her Partner Who Was In An Accident So She Would Still Attend A Family Wedding

berezko - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This fifty-four-year-old dad is caught in the middle of some serious family drama and is unsure if he is to blame.

The man’s niece, Taylor, just got married a week ago, and his twenty-seven-year-old daughter– Vienna– was a bridesmaid in the wedding.

The event had been planned for over a year, and Vienna obviously knew she was going to be a bridesmaid for months. But then, something unexpected happened a few weeks before the ceremony.

A man Vienna had been seeing, named Matthew, traveled out of state for business. But, while Matthew was away, he got into an accident.

Understandably, Vienna was freaking out and wanted to go see her partner immediately. But, her dad had a different perspective.

The man believed that the couple were “not anything serious” and forbade his daughter from flying out of state before the wedding. In fact, he felt Vienna was just unnecessarily worrying and not thinking straight.

“I explained to her that even if she did go, she would have to come back before the wedding. But, it would be better if she didn’t since there were a lot of last-minute things [to do],” the man explained.

Nonetheless, Vienna was not hearing it. She called up her cousin, Taylor, and said she would not be in attendance at the wedding.

Instead of understanding, though, Taylor took to Facebook to bash Vienna online– saying “some people don’t want to see others happy” and “it is not nice when family quits at the last moment.”

berezko – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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