This Dog Needs To Undergo Surgery For A Congenital Heart Defect In Order To Have Another 10 To 12 Happy Years Of Her Life

He started the GoFundMe page in hopes of raising $8,700 and was able to surpass his goal in less than seven days!

Two hundred seventy-four people were able to pitch in a donate to the cause. In return, Binkus has received confirmation from the cardiologist that they are cleared for surgery, and the procedure will take place on August 10th.

“I have never personally felt this level of support in my life, and it has been a powerful experience. You are amazing, and I am grateful,” said Samson on a GoFundMe page.

“Thank you for giving us this opportunity to save my sweet dog Binkus.”

Here is an itemized breakdown of Binkus’ medical bills, which include the initial consultation, cardiology consultation, echocardiogram, balloon valvuloplasty procedure, and atenolol heart medication. 

Samson has vowed to donate any extra funds left that are left over after paying all of these medical expenses to the Stand Up for Pits Organization.

If you are looking to stay up to date with Binkus’ journey and procedure process, click here.

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