This Teen Bookworm Has Gained Over 223,000 Instagram Followers Since His Sister Shared His Awful Bullying Experience On Twitter

After reading about what happened to Callum, he, too, spoke out in support of book readers everywhere.

“I think the love from all around the world has probably let him [Callum] know he is not alone. But, all the interesting people I know were once considered weird kids with books. Including me,” Gaiman tweeted.

And over the past two years, Ellis’ tweet and countless Twitter users’ replies have continued circulating on the internet.

The story has since gained Callum over two hundred and twenty-three thousand supportive followers on his Instagram @Cals_Book_Account.

And as for Callum’s bullies, his mother– Landreth– believes that the overwhelming support he received online likely spoke for itself.

“I am sure they are all super jealous,” Landreth said in an interview with CNN.

Callum still regularly posts updates about his book collection and reading journey. You can visit his Instagram account linked here to learn more about him and support his love of literature.

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