This Trio Of Cats Is Traveling The World And Sharing Their Journey With The Social Media Community

Most people are already jealous of pets. They get to eat, sleep, and play the day away without worrying about anything.

But now, this trio of New York City-based cats is living out yet another dream– traveling the world.

Sponge Cake– a Scottish Fold– and his siblings Mocha and Donut– British shorthairs– have been traveling across the globe with parents Dan and Olivia Nguyen.

And the rollercoaster ride all began once the couple booked a few trips last year.

“We wanted to bring them with us. It was hard not to be with the cats because we consider them our family,” Dan recalled.

So, they decided to bring all three felines with them to their first destination– Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

And even though the cats were not allowed inside the park, the family of five had a wonderful time.

From there, the trips became more frequent, and the kitties continued on as travel companions.

TikTok; pictured above are the trio of cats and their dad

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