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This Woman Booked An Airbnb In Bali That Turned Out To Be An Abandoned Building

A woman named Bree Robertson is living out most people’s dreams. The New Zealand native quit her corporate nine-to-five job and is now traveling the world.

Her first stop? The Indonesian province of Bali. Bree has now been living there for one month, and, in celebration of the milestone, she decided to book an Airbnb with her partner for a “romantic getaway.”

Once arriving, though, the property was a horror show.

“When you book an Airbnb in Bali, and it’s an abandoned building…” Bree wrote on TikTok while sharing video footage of the listing.

The villa’s pool was green, the landscaping was completely overgrown, and the house itself had smashed windows.

“The place was eighty dollars [per night] and had some great reviews,” Bree explained in the comment section.

The app also claimed the property’s host had a response time of one hour. So, she assumed it was open and in good condition.

Since discovering the home’s awful condition, Bree and her partner have reported the property to corporate, who removed the listing from the Airbnb platform.

TikTok; pictured above is Bree in her video

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