An Immersive Dining Experience Inspired By The Classic Sitcom The Golden Girls Just Launched In L.A. With Plans To Expand Across The Country Later This Year

Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia, and Rose– these are the iconic “Golden Girls” roommates who have entranced Americans across the nation for decades.

“Golden Girls” debuted in 1985 and ran for seven seasons– producing over one hundred and eighty home-run episodes.

And, over the years, countless viewers have dreamed of sitting down to talk with the hilarious girls in their Miami home or favorite hang-out spot.

Now, “Golden Girls” fans can make that dream a reality.

The events company Bucket Listers has partnered with Derek Berry to create The Golden Girls Kitchen– an immersive dining experience that just launched in Los Angeles on July 30.

According to the Bucket Listers website, “The Golden Girls Kitchen is a fully realized homage to the iconic TV classic and brings everything we love about the show to life.”

Patrons will be able to stroll through Blanche’s bedroom, dine beside a recreation of the girls’ home kitchen, and enjoy completely “Golden Girls”-inspired menu options.

“Golden Mains” include entrees such as Sophia’s Lasagna Al Forno and The Rose Marie Combo of soup and salad.

Instagram; pictured above is Blanche’s bedroom

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