An NYC Chiropractor Shared With TikTok The Best Way To Crack Your Back Without Hurting Yourself

If you love to crack your back, you might be shocked to learn that there are “right” and “wrong” ways to get that feeling of relaxation and an improved range of motion.

Unfortunately, though, most back crack connoisseurs are doing it the very wrong way, which can lead to adverse effects, according to Dr. Justin Lewis, a chiropractor located in Manhattan, New York.

So, if you have ever stood up, placed a hand on the back of your hip, and turned to the side to hear that satisfying “pop” sound– you are sadly causing more harm than good.

Instead, Dr. Lewis shared a much safer and more successful way to achieve the back relief that so many people crave.

All you need is a partner, family member, or friend for assistance.

First, lay flat on your back and have your assistant stand next to your feet, facing you. Then, keep one leg completely straight and place its ankle region on your assistant’s shoulder.

Next, you should bend your other leg and cross it over the straight, elevated one.

And finally, your assistant should place their hand on the bent leg’s outer thigh and push it down across your straight leg.

TikTok; pictured above is Dr. Lewis in his video

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