He Got VIP Concert Tickets For Himself, His Girlfriend, And His Cousin, But Then Gave His Girlfriend’s Ticket Away

“I told my girlfriend she could not come, and she was clearly upset but said she wasn’t. I had hyped up the event for a few weeks, and she was so excited,” the man recalled.

In fact, his girlfriend had even gone out and bought an entirely new outfit and jewelry and even practiced precisely what she would say to the artist during the meet-and-greet.

“I felt like crap the whole time I was watching her face fall and her trying to pretend it’s okay,” the man explained.

And even though his family and his girlfriend all said he did the right thing, he could not shake the feeling that he had made the wrong decision.

So, the man shared the story on Reddit in hopes of getting advice and was practically told flat-out that he was a jerk for what he did.

In fact, the responses to his Reddit post were so adamant and convincing that the man decided to change all of his initial plans.

“I needed Reddit and all of you strangers to knock some sense into me, and I did what most of you told me to. I am taking my girlfriend to the event,” the man began.

“I talked to my cousin about it, and, long story short, she acknowledged the ticket might have been for someone else but thought she would get away with it if she told me about her friend.”

“She really wanted her friend to be happy after the events of her past.”

“But, I told her that while what she did was with good intentions, it affected other people. It also was not nice to intentionally play with my feelings,” the man finished.

He now plans to apologize to his girlfriend, present her with the ticket, and sell the third extra ticket in order to buy her an extra special gift.

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