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Her College Roommate Invited Her On A Luxurious Family Vacation, But Then They Kicked Her Out On The First Night

Zamrznuti tonovi - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This woman was recently invited to join her college roommate on a luxurious family vacation. The roommate, named Meg, apparently has a very wealthy family who said she could bring one friend along.

“It was kind of awkward since I was Meg’s third choice. But, her family vetoed the first two because they did not want her bringing a boy or this other female friend they disliked,” the woman recalled.

Nonetheless, the woman was thankful to be considered and happy to join the trip anyway. Meg’s parents covered the plane tickets and resort costs, which the woman was also shocked about.

“I was very grateful for that, and I saved a lot of money up so I could make sure to buy my own food and activities while there. Also, to treat her family to dinner as a ‘thank you’ for the ticket,” the woman explained.

But, the trip just went terribly from the start– beginning with the plane tickets. Apparently, Meg and her entire family all sat first class.

Meanwhile, the woman was left alone in economy. Still, she was not going to complain over a free plane ticket and totally looked past it.

Then, on their first night at the resort, the woman accompanied Meg and her family to the grocery store.

It turned out that Meg’s parents wanted the woman to cook every meal for them at the resort’s public kitchen for the entire trip.

“I was not warned about this. But, it turns out Meg’s family is ‘so traditional’ that they see cooking as a woman’s job, and Meg’s mom had just gotten hand surgery,” the woman revealed.

Zamrznuti tonovi – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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