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Her Husband Is Angry At Her Because She Asked Her Sister-In-Law To Give Her $200 For A Baby Swing After Borrowing It And Throwing It Out

Irina Schmidt - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

At twenty-four years old, this woman was a first-time mom. But, her thirty-year-old sister-in-law had a lot of experience raising kids.

In fact, she had already welcomed three children into the world with the woman’s brother and was lucky enough to receive a ton of hand-me-down children’s items from the rest of the family.

Nonetheless, the woman’s first baby was only a few months apart from the sister-in-law’s newest edition. So, after the infant grew out of a baby swing, the sister-in-law asked the woman if she could borrow it.

The woman did take some time to think about lending it to her before ultimately agreeing. After all, she figured that she would get it back eventually.

Now, though, she is excitedly expecting a second child and, with another baby on the way, the woman knows that she will need another swing.

She figured that her sister-in-law’s baby had grown out of it by now and texted her asking for it back.

But, the woman was shocked to learn that her sister-in-law had thrown it away.

“I was angry– not only was it expensive, but now I cannot pass it down to my baby,” the woman explained.

So, when the sister-in-law offered to pay for it, the woman actually accepted. She asked her to either send the money– which added up to two hundred dollars– directly, or just order a new one on her own.

Irina Schmidt – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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