Looking To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth? This Candy Company Is Seeking A “Chief Candy Officer” For A $100,000 Salary

Nataliia Pyzhova - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Can you imagine working from home and earning an extremely generous salary just to satisfy your sweet tooth?

Well, if this sounds like your dream job, there is currently a highly-sought after job opportunity being offered by Candy Funhouse.

The Canadian candy company is seeking a “Chief Candy Officer” to taste-test all of their sweet supply inventory. And, this “CCO” will be compensated a whopping one hundred thousand dollars a year.

“All you need is a passion for candy, pop culture, and a sweet tooth!” the company wrote in its Google job posting.

Still, this position is not for people with a weak stomach. The selected applicant will be responsible for taste testing over three thousand and five hundred sweet treats on a monthly basis.

And while they are not in a sugar coma, the CCO will also be expected to lead the “FUNhouse” Candy Strategy and run candy board meetings.

So, in essence, every single candy that makes it to production will have to be tasted and given the CCO’s “stamp of approval” for launch.

So far, the job has received over one hundred thousand applications from people across the country.

Anyone over the age of five who lives in North America is welcome to apply– meaning that even kiddos can try their hand at the sugary opportunity.

Nataliia Pyzhova – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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