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She Called Out Her Mom In Front Of Everyone Because She Would Not Stop Making “Jokes” About A Hurtful Bullying Incident That Happened 20 Years Ago

Cavan - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

At thirty years old, this woman is still battling her mother’s grudge for “ruining” her birthday celebration two decades ago. And it all began when she was ten years old.

At the time, she had just had a bad falling out with her childhood best friend– which was already emotionally tough enough.

Then, the friend began bullying her incessantly to the point where she dreaded going to school every day.

She also even began to steer clear of certain parts of the neighborhood in order to avoid running into her ex-friend.

“But, one day, the bullying at school got so bad that a teacher noticed and decided she needed to call home to both of our parents. This day just so happened to be my mom’s birthday,” she recalled.

So, upon receiving the call, her mother was genuinely infuriated that she had to “put a damper” on the rest of her big day.

The mother ended up going into the principal’s office for a meeting with the bully’s parents and a few teachers. And, the whole ordeal only lasted about an hour– tops.

Moreover, after leaving the school, the mother was still able to arrive at her birthday party on time. Despite that, though, her mother claimed the school meeting put her in a bad mood for the rest of the afternoon and completely ruined her birthday.

“As a kid, I was absolutely devastated that I was dealing with this at school. And then, I came home, and my mom was against me for it, too,” she explained.

Cavan – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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