She Shared Why The Long-Famed Montauk Is No Longer Worth The Hype, And People Are Weighing In On Why They Agree

“There is no phone service anywhere, and everywhere that serves food closes by like 8:00 p.m. So, good luck if you want to eat,” Grace continued.

And her final complaints concerned the cost of her hotel room– which came out to one thousand dollars per night– and the extremely long bar lines.

“You will wait in an hour and a half line to get into Bounce and Grey Lady,” she said– two popular nightlife scenes among young adults.

And surprisingly, Grace’s TikTok disparaging the classic destination resonated with a lot of New York natives.

The video received four hundred thousand views, over seventeen thousand likes, and spurred eight hundred and forty comments discussing the decline of the hot spot.

“Montauk was awesome in the ’90s and the early 2000s. Now that everyone has discovered it since the Surf Lodge came in 2008, it has gone downhill,” commented one user.

“This is because it used to be cool for us native New Yorkers and surfers before everyone from Williamsburg started invading in 2013,” wrote another user.

“I’m glad people are waking up to this finally,” commented a third.

If you have been to Montauk recently, is it still worth the hype? Or are the Hamptons or Nantucket more suitable locations to get a better bang for your buck? 

And to watch Grace’s original TikTok, visit the link here.

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