This Adorable Female Beagle Was Neglected So Badly That She’s Looking For Her Forever Home That Will Be Able To Provide Her With Hospice Care

Crate Escape Rescue Inc.– a family-run foster-based pet rescue located in Hudson Valley, New York– recently highlighted a senior pup seeking a hospice home on Facebook.

The female Beagle named Old Aunt Bitsy has been cared for by Crate Escape Rescue for nearly one year.

And even though Bitsy is only eight years old, she has suffered years of neglect that resulted in a plethora of health issues.

When Bitsy first went to the rescue, she was diagnosed with heartworm, tumors, and an upper respiratory infection.

She has since been successfully treated for the heartworm but has been left with lasting symptoms– including a cough and exercise intolerance.

Additionally, veterinarians deemed Bitsy’s mammary tumor inoperable because of her compromised heart.

So, after giving Bitsy her best shot at health, Crate Escape Rescue is hoping the community will show her some love and provide the pup with a forever home.

“We knew there was a chance this girl could be hospice, but we wanted to give her a fighting chance to heal the best she could,” the rescue explained in a Facebook post.

Facebook; pictured above is Bitsy

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