This Groom Delivered Wedding Vows Inspired By Lizzie McGuire And He Even Received A Glowing Response From Hilary Duff Herself

He went on to share how one week prior, Marco did a deep dive into Lizzie McGuire’s history in hopes of finding some “cute connections” between the character and Danny.

“That’s when I made the shocking discovery that I am Lizzie McGuire!” Marco said, shocking the crowd.

“Like her, I am a bit eccentric, I wear one too many accessories, I am constantly getting in trouble, and I am a bit fearful of the world and my own path,” he reflected.

“That’s when I made the even more shocking discovery that while Lizzie McGuire was lost in this crazy world, she had one constant by her side to help her find peace and happiness in her life– her slightly shorter than her and much more hairy, creative, level-headed,  bad dad joke-making Jewish best friend Gordo,” Marco said, hitting his hilarious punch line.

And in case you did not know, Lizzie and Gordo do end up together at the end of Lizzie McGuire.

“My whole life, I was searching for my Lizzie McGuire when really, I should have been searching for my Gordo,” Marco added sweetly, “This is what dreams are made of.”

The unexpected yet utterly perfect vow exchange resonated with so many childhood Lizzie McGuire fans.

A TikTok sharing the vows reached 5.8 million people and gained 1.1 million likes. Plus, over eleven thousand commenters shared their delight with Marco’s creativity and congratulated the couple.

“I wrote eighteen episodes of Lizzie McGuire, and this is EVERYTHING! Mazels to the happy couple,” wrote one commenter.

“The subject matter? The delivery? The location? This is incredible!” said a second commenter.

“I did not expect to laugh so much and cry as much at the same time. This is just beautiful,” added a third.

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