This Interior Designer Shared The Best College Dorm Storage Hack Just In Time For Move-In Season

Traveling to college and moving into your first college dorm is simultaneously extremely exciting and utterly stressful.

After all, did you know that the average square footage of a dorm room is only about two hundred and twenty-eight square feet?

Not only does this tiny space have to fit all of your clothes, toiletries, appliances, school supplies, recreational items, and sentimental belongings, but the majority of college students will also be sharing this space with another roommate– slicing the available storage room in half.

And let’s face it, most college students already bring way too much with them when traveling to school for the first time anyway.

So, using college dorm storage hacks– such as bunking your beds, using rolling carts, and investing in closet organizers– are a must.

Plus, one interior designer named Emily Rayna thankfully just shared perhaps one of the best dorm storage ideas ever on TikTok.

“My number one idea for college dorm rooms is to add pegboards. It is such a game changer,” she said.

Pegboards are essentially wooden panels with grid-like holes all over them. So, pegs or dowels can be placed in the holes to suspend all different kinds of items– effectively freeing up a ton of desk space.

TikTok; pictured above is Emily in one of her videos

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