He Finally Told His Siblings That Their Mother Was The One Who Had An Affair And Ruined Their Parents’ Marriage, Not Their Father

“And my dad never bad-talked my mother and never let my siblings know why they split– even if he had been seen as the bad guy.”

At the same time, though, he realizes that his mother has never taken any accountability for her actions. And this became a huge issue recently after his dad announced his nuptials.

About six months after his mother and father split, his father met a woman named Rose, and they began dating. Now, his father and Rose are set to get married in October.

But, after his father told his siblings that he wanted them to be there, his siblings started giving his father a really hard time.

“They started being so mean to him and basically shaming him for getting married. And, they accused him of cheating because he started dating Rose so long ago,” he said.

So, knowing the truth, he could not just let his siblings treat his father that way any longer. He ended up first asking them to stop– especially since his father is not confrontational.

However, they did not cut it out. Instead, his siblings then had the nerve to continue accusing Rose of being the reason why their parents were no longer together.

This pushed him to finally spill the beans and tell his brothers and sister that their mother was actually the one who was disloyal and had cheated on their father years ago.

Immediately afterward, all of their faces went bright red, and they began asking him if he was joking.

But, he underscored that he was not lying, and, two days later, all of his siblings showed up at his father’s house and asked to live there again.

Apparently, they had confronted his mom and her new husband about what had happened and learned the whole sad truth.

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