He Thinks His Stepdaughter Is Acting Like A Brat By Not Sharing Her Lactose-Free Milk

On top of that, the lactose-free milk being stored separately pushed Hannah to constantly ask Sasha to borrow milk every day. And Sasha does say yes most of the time, but when she has decided Hannah has had “enough” milk, she lies and says she is about to run out.

Anyway, this issue became even more complicated a few days ago when Sasha visited her father. While she was gone, he went grocery shopping and got more milk for the communal fridge.

Once Sasha got back, though, she apparently tried to take the lactose-free milk to her room and put it in her mini fridge. But, he stopped Sasha and said that it was not allowed since the lactose-free milk was meant for the whole house.

Sasha apparently did not even respond and just went back to her room. And about six hours later, Sasha’s dad got involved.

“Sasha’s dad pulled over and bought her a gallon. He told us that we didn’t have to buy any more lactose-free milk for Sasha since he would be taking care of it from now on, but that my son’s girlfriend was not allowed to have any,” he recalled.

So, now that Sasha’s father has tried to step in, his wife is really angry. His wife thinks that they should have just let Sasha hold onto her own milk and bought extra when Hannah stayed over.

Nonetheless, he just thinks that Sasha is being a brat by not wanting to share. Still, though, his wife’s pushback has forced him to wonder if Sasha was not overreacting and if he acted like a jerk.

Do you think the girls should just get their own milk or figure out a system to share? Was Sasha really overreacting or not? How would you have handled this situation? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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