He Was Going To Pass Down A Family Heirloom To His Daughter, And Now His Son Is Furious

olgavolodina - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Six years ago, this man’s wife tragically passed away. So ever since then, he has been raising their two children alone. He has a son, Adam, who is seventeen years old, and a daughter, Leah, who is fifteen.

However, before his wife passed, she inherited a necklace that had been in the family for generations. And the heirloom had always been passed down from each mother to their daughter.

So, his wife had given him the necklace to keep safe shortly before her death. She also instructed him to pass it down to Leah once she became a legal adult.

Anyway, he has since gotten remarried to his current wife– who is the only person who knew about the necklace. And low and behold, his wife apparently spilled the beans to the kids– and Adam became super upset.

“He barged into my office the other day asking what his mom had left for him. I was confused and asked what was wrong, and then he brought up the necklace,” he recalled.

He obviously felt heartbroken for his son but explained the sentiment behind the necklace. Then, he revealed how he planned on giving it to Leah right before she moved out for college.

Adam was furious about this, though, and demanded that he get the necklace since “he is their child too.”

And unfortunately, he had to tell Adam no since his late wife specifically intended for the necklace to go to Leah.

“Then, he went on about favoritism and whatnot, but I told him it is a tradition that involves only the daughters in the family,” he explained.

olgavolodina – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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