Her Boyfriend Expected Her To Pay For His Entire Family’s Dinner, So She Got Up And Left

NDABCREATIVITY - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This twenty-nine-year-old woman has been dating her boyfriend, Ricky, for five months now.

But Ricky had already been through a divorce and apparently is always going on rants about his ex. More specifically, comparing his ex to her.

For example, he will say things like, “I hope you don’t have this awful habit as my ex did,” or, “I hope you like this because my ex didn’t.'”

And just recently, he used yet another one of his ex’s supposed “bad traits” to basically ruin their relationship.

It all began after she recently got a second job and told Ricky about it. And after he found out, he began making her pay every single time they went anywhere.

“When I protested, he would say he was going through a rough patch and is seeing how much help I can offer,” she recalled.

She did take issue with his supposed “rough patch,” but it had not yet turned into a massive problem until this week.

She and Ricky already had dinner plans, and he invited his family to join them. She had no problem with that and went along with it.

But, come dinner, they arrived at the restaurant first, sat down, and Ricky said something totally wild.

NDABCREATIVITY – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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