Her Boyfriend Wants Her To Send Him $5,000 To Pay For His Child’s Surgery, And She Won’t Do It

Tyler Olson - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

When this thirty-two-year-old woman moved to a new city about three months ago, she immediately got a boyfriend. In fact, she and her boyfriend actually met right after she stepped off the plane and was walking through the airport.

She learned that he is a divorced single dad of two children, who are six and twelve years old. But, she has only ever seen pictures of them.

“I’ve never met them yet. He said it’s early for his kids to meet me; it’s for their mental health, and I respect that,” she said.

Despite that, though, she has been sending both of her boyfriend’s children expensive gifts every single weekend. Apparently, he “assured” her that he would eventually tell them where the presents actually came from. But, until then, she has been left coughing up cash for people she has never met.

On top of that, her boyfriend randomly ghosted her for an entire week and would not reply to any calls or texts. Then, he reached out with a pretty dramatic story.

He claimed that his child got injured and was in the hospital. She obviously felt bad for him and offered to visit, but he just suggested she send more gifts instead as a way to “cheer them up.”

Nonetheless, if that was not enough of a red flag already, her boyfriend later called her and said he was trying to come up with enough money for his child’s surgery. Then, he actually asked her to lend him the cash– which amounted to a whopping five thousand dollars.

“I have to say; I was caught off guard. But, he said he had no one else willing to help but me,” she recalled.

Still, she was not super eager to hand over the dough. After all, she worked really hard to build up her savings account and did not want to relinquish five grand all at once.

Tyler Olson – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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