Her Friend Went Behind Her Back And Flipped A Profit On The Hats And Scarves She Gives Away For Free Every Winter, So She Doesn’t Want To Make Her A Baby Blanket Now That She Asked

Elnur - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Every year before wintertime, this woman gives up one of her vices– which is usually Starbucks coffee– and decides to do something kind instead.

First, she saves up all of the money she would have normally spent on Starbucks purchases. Then, she buys a bunch of yarn and makes hats and scarves. Finally, she gives them away for free to loved ones and the homeless.

Recently, though, one of her friends asked her for some of the free scarves and hats.

The friend claimed they wanted to use the items as gifts, so she generously gave away ten rainbow hats and scarves.

But, she was disgusted to find out that her friend never gave them away at all. Instead, the friend sold each of the items for twenty dollars a pop.

And the real kicker is how she found out about the little side business.

She had been visiting her friend’s apartment building and saw a woman wearing one of the hats inside.

So, she commented on how great the hat looked on the woman, but then the woman’s response totally shocked her.

“Oh, [friend] makes these! And they are very affordable! I am going to get some more for my family!” the woman said. Yikes.

Elnur – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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