Her Teen Son Started Seriously Acting Out, So She Decided To Exclude Him From Their Annual Family Vacation

Gelpi - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Every year, this forty-two-year-old woman and her family look forward to their annual vacation. And they even make the entire trip a fun game, too.

She has a wheel that they fill out with different destinations. Then, they take turns spinning the wheel to figure out where they are going next.

But, this year is sadly unlike the rest– because she found out that her fourteen-year-old son has been getting into serious trouble.

More specifically, she recently learned that her son had vandalized someone’s property, burned a child’s backpack, and even bullied various people for “entertainment” purposes. And she was totally blindsided.

“I have never, and I mean NEVER seen this side of him. He acted so rebellious and angry when he had come home,” she recalled.

So, while still shell-shocked, she asked her son why the heck he would do any of those terrible things. And apparently, he just claimed he did it because “no one could stop him.”

On top of that, her son started calling her a pushover and even said she would not do anything about it. And naturally, this infuriated her as a mother.

In turn, she ended up grounding her son for an entire month. Plus, she decided to take away his yearly family vacation.

But, she did not exactly tell him that right away– which caused another massive argument. In fact, once her son found out, he actually screamed at her and started accusing her of a myriad of things.

Gelpi – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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