His Family Took His Wife’s Side When She Said She Wanted To Be A Stay-At-Home Mom, So He Suggested His Family Pay Their Bills

At first, his family took the snide comment as an implication that his wife was pregnant– and everyone freaked out with excitement.

But then, after he told everyone they were not expecting a child and his wife just wanted to stay at home, it turned into a huge argument.

And his mom and sister even sided with his wife– saying that if she wanted to stay at home, he should be the one caring for her and finding a way to make it happen.

After a while, though, he had enough and asked his family if they would be there to support his wife whenever she needed it.

His family responded with the expected, “Of course!” and said that’s what families are for.

But then, he threw in a real kicker response.

“Cool. Keep that same energy and help me pay all our bills and every other expense to upkeep our current quality of life if you feel so strongly she should get to stay home,” he said.

And if you could not have guessed it, this did not go over well with his mom and sister.

Instead, they claimed his outburst was completely overdramatic and stubborn.

His mom also suggested he figure out where they can cut corners in their budget– such as canceling streaming services, downgrading from two cars to one, and dropping some hobbies– to make his wife’s dreams happen.

But then, after he and his wife left the dinner, his wife was totally furious with him and believed that he was totally out of line for telling his mom and sister to cover their bills.

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