Just Days Before She Was Set To Graduate, This 17-Year-Old Girl Collapsed And Tragically Died While Going Through Army National Guard Training With Her Twin Sister

“I remember being at Basic [Training] with her. She was awesome, and she had everyone’s back. We had great memories together, even if my time at Basic was short. Alyssa, may you rest peacefully with the Lord. Thank you for being a great motivator for everyone that was around,” wrote Trinity Finke.

“I taught Alyssa and her sister in sixth grade. I can honestly say the Cahoons are the kindest family I ever had the pleasure of working with. Alyssa was a bright, kind-hearted, and intelligent soul… I am heartbroken over this. Prayers to her family and all who have been blessed to know her,” said Krista Marie.

“My daughter was her bunk buddy. Her heart is broken. My heart goes out to the Cahoon family. I am truly sorry for your loss,” wrote Araceli Reyes.

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