People On TikTok Are Confused About This Apartment You Can Buy For Close To $2 Million Dollars In Toronto

In today’s economy, prices of certain things are unpredictable. America has seen a massive increase in the price of crucial living expenses, including groceries, gas, and rent.

People living in the states love to joke about moving to Canada, but a recent Canadian realtor’s TikTok may make us change our minds.

Nero Naveendran (@realtor.nero) is a Toronto-based realtor who makes videos about his available properties on TikTok.

One apartment, in particular, had a lot of people losing their minds over it. Sure it’s nice, but the size is not the most desirable. Which is a shame, considering that it costs $1.95 million.

The home is extremely narrow and stretches far back. As Nero takes his viewers up the entry stairs to get a good look at the kitchen, the reality of just how tiny this place is sinks in. A very narrow hallway leads from the kitchen directly into the living room.

Although the living room has some nice light and a decent view out of the home’s front windows, it is still a bit of a tight squeeze.

There is an additional floor that leads to an average-sized bedroom. However, upon closer inspection, you realize that it is a bedroom-bathroom hybrid.

The toilet appears to be only about 6 feet away from the bed, and an extremely tiny shower sits at the entrance of the room.

TikTok; pictured above is the Toronto apartment from the outside

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