People Who Work With Dead Bodies Reveal The Surprising Things About What Truly Happens After We Die

“To prep for an open casket funeral, the mortician will sew the eyes and mouth shut to prevent them from opening on their own.”


We Exhale Again After Death

“My uncle told me this story of a friend who worked in a morgue. He used to dress the bodies before viewings, and there was this one time when he was trying to put a coat on this man.”

“So, he sat the man up and leaned him over his shoulder while wrapping the coat around him (essentially in a hugging position. And I guess the way the body was leaning let out an air pocket he still had in his lungs.”

“In turn, the body let out a slight exhale sounding like he was breathing in his ear. Apparently, he quit his job shortly after.”


“We had to move my mom’s body after she died, and the pressure made her sigh a little bit. It sounded exactly like her voice even though she was dead– same vocal cords, you know?

“I really wish I could un-hear it.”


The Truth Behind Donating Your Body To Science

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