She Refused To Follow The “No Phones” Rule At Her Best Friend’s Wedding, And Her Best Friend Was Furious

“But, I have been very close friends with the bride for a very long time. So, I really could not miss it,” she said.

In turn, you would think that her best friend would have understood her breaking the rules and keeping her phone on her. In fact, she had also assumed that since her dog was in an emergency situation, her friend would have been empathetic and fine with everything.

More specifically, her simply refusing to hand over her phone at the venue’s entrance. It’s not like her phone “pinged” or even buzzed during the ceremony, either.

Unfortunately, though, her friend was far from compassionate– even though they knew what was going on with her pup. Instead, they actually pulled her aside at the reception to call her out.

“She told me she was very hurt by the fact that I did not even respect her enough to follow the one rule she had set for her wedding day,” she explained.

Then, her friend brought up how all of the other guests had given up their phones, and she supposedly disrespected every wedding guest by not doing the same. At that moment, she was totally shocked but did not even fight back. After all, she did not want to cause an even bigger scene at her friend’s wedding. Still, though, she did leave the wedding just shortly afterward.

And since then, her dog has thankfully recovered just fine. So, she has been left wondering if refusing to hand over her phone was the wrong thing to do.

Do you think her best friend should have been more understanding or not? What qualifies as an emergent situation at a cell phone-free wedding? If you were in her shoes, would you have done the same? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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