She Was 4 Months Pregnant When She Downloaded A Dating App And She Wound Up Meeting The Love Of Her Life

Being a single mom is one of the hardest things in the world, especially when things don’t work out with the baby’s father before it is even born. But one woman’s viral story about finding love after having a baby alone might be exactly what we needed to hear to believe in love!

Jacqueline or ‘Jac’ Woodwell is a content creator on TikTok. She has a young daughter named Grace and has been with her boyfriend, Devin, for 5 years. They’re also planning on getting married this year! Want to know how they met?

In her viral TikTok video, Jaqueline explains that she was in a relationship with Grace’s father but got dumped while she was pregnant. She realized she would be a single mother before even having her baby.

When she was 4 months pregnant, she decided to download Tinder. She went on a date with a guy she described as “smitten” but eventually told him that she couldn’t go on any more dates because she had too much going on.

However, after Jac gave birth, the same guy from Tinder sent her flowers! But her daughter’s father soon made his way back into the picture, and she wanted to try and make things work.

After trying to work things out, Grace’s father told Jac that he didn’t think he could stay in a committed relationship with her. Ouch.

As difficult as it must have been, Jac decided that she would to move on. Coincidentally, the guy from Tinder asked her on a second date the next day. Jac writes that she “took it as a sign.” That guy turned out to be Devin, her current boyfriend!

Jac’s video received over 1.5 million likes, with over a thousand comments from doting viewers. One TikTok user even asked her how it feels to be “God’s favorite.”

TikTok; pictured above is Jac in her video

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