She’s Refusing To Bake Her Friend’s Wedding Cake Because Her Friend Only Wants To Pay $150

Kraftstudio - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This thirty-two-year-old woman has known her friend, Ashley, since they were little kids. And now, Ashley is about to get married during the first week of November. What’s even more exciting is that she will be a bridesmaid at Ashley’s wedding.

The pair have been loving talking about all things wedding planning for the past year, too, since she also recently got married in April.

But Ashley dropped some pretty bad news on her about a week ago, and it quickly became her problem.

Apparently, the baker who was supposed to make Ashley’s wedding cake is moving away. So, Ashley got refunded but was left without a cake reservation just a month and a half before the wedding.

However, she is a pretty talented cake decorator herself. Her career was in teaching, and she is now working as a school administrator, but at one point in her life, she worked at high-end bakeries. Plus, she often makes cakes out of her house just for fun.

So, if you could not have guessed it, Ashley asked if she would be willing to bake her wedding cake.

“At first, I declined since I never make cakes for large events. But, with the date coming up and her not being able to find anyone, I caved,” she recalled.

But, Ashley’s dessert preferences were no small order. She was expected to make a four-tier cake with four different flavors. On top of that, Ashley wanted one hundred cupcakes with twenty-five of each flavor.

Plus, the decorations Ashley asked for require her to order specialty molds and even hand-paint some of the cake in gold. So, her estimated total cost for the cake came out to eight hundred and twenty-five dollars– which was one hundred dollars higher than Ashley’s previous baker.

Kraftstudio – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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