The Photo Her Husband Snapped Of Their Newborn Baby Ended Up Being Completely Humiliating For Her, Because Everyone Could See Her Getting Stitched Back Up

You and your partner experience many emotions when giving birth to your children. Aside from happy tears, one of the emotions may leave you feeling extremely excited and overjoyed to the point where you cannot wait for your spouse to get off the operating table to snap a picture of your newborn and send it to your entire family.

Now in this moment, you are again filled with many emotions that are extremely heightened by the arrival of your precious newborn child. In this case, we hope you watch where you point the camera because, in some cases, you snap the wrong snatch.

Samantha Barlow, also known as @samanthabarlow83 on Tik Tik, recently uploaded a video explaining this exact scenario.

As the “put a finger downtrend” circulates the internet, Samantha opens about the time her husband snapped a picture of the second child right after giving birth and accidentally caught something else in the background.

Samantha needed an episiotomy which meant she needed to be stitched up. So she handed her precious newborn over to her husband, who immediately decided to take a picture of the baby and send it to his mother, who unknowingly sent a live photo to the entire family.

In that live photo, Samantha’s husband shifted the camera ever so slightly towards the end that it caught Samantha’s entire naked body on top of the operating table as she states, “butt naked, spread eagle, getting stitched.”

Her brother-in-law’s, mother-in-law, and father-in-law saw the video, including her sister-in-law, who opened it during her high school science class!

While this moment in time was highly embarrassing for Samantha, she relays in the comment section that she understands it was a major accident and is not upset with her husband or mother-in-law.

TikTok; pictured above is Samantha in one of her videos

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