This College Kid’s Classmates Were Furious With Them For Giving Their Project Partner A “Hard Task” Because She Has Autism

This broke their heart because, even though Melissa’s facial expression was blank, they could tell that her eyes looked truly sad.

And at that moment, they really empathized with her. After all, they considered how frustrating it must be to constantly be treated as less than just because of the way you were born.

So, they decided to forget what their classmate said and ask Melissa for help. And as soon as they passed some tasks onto her, Melissa’s eyes immediately lit up and were “sparking with joy.”

Plus, with Melissa’s help, they were actually able to fly through all of the tasks much more quickly than if they had done it alone.

However, when they went to turn in the assignment the next day, their other group members were apparently really mad.

In fact, the group was angry they gave Melissa a “hard task” that she “could not fulfill.” On top of that, the group called them selfish and cold-hearted for doing that to Melissa.

They never intended to upset anyone but believed that Melissa truly wanted to participate and be afforded the same respect as the other group members.

Nonetheless, they have started to question if they were somehow a jerk in this situation.

Do you think it was the classmate’s place to speak for Melissa? How would you have handled this situation? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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