This TikToker Dished On The Best Dating Advice He Ever Received From A Boomer

Millennials and Gen Z’ers tend to give boomers a bad rap. However, just because those who fall under the ‘boomer’ generation are older doesn’t mean they don’t know what they’re talking about. 

Recently, a young man on TikTok made a video about some of the best advice he had ever received. It just so happened to be from a boomer. 

“Honestly, the best dating advice I ever got came from a boomer,” says Tyler (@tygreenmtn). 

Tyler explains that he and the ‘boomer’ woman he met were talking about falling in love and what it was like before all of the modern-day technology we have now.

What was it like to communicate with someone you wanted to be in a relationship with before you had the luxury of shooting them a quick text or swiping on a dating app?

The woman mentioned that just like we do nowadays, there was still that awkward period of wondering and worrying if the person you like likes you back.

“Before all of this technology, people couldn’t stay in constant communication,” says Tyler. He learned that the indicator if someone liked you was to evaluate and see if that person genuinely wanted to spend time getting to know you. 

“Are they spending time with you?” asks Tyler. “Are they making plans to do stuff with you? Do they want to see you? Do they want to hang out?”

TikTok; pictured above is Tyler in his video

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